MAY DAY! Exhibit by Shepard Fairey at Deitch Projects

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go to this exhibition opening day on May 1st.

Shepard Fairey is a mastermind – his work is so intricate with so many layers.  It is similiar to life in a way there are tons of layers to it.

It was awesome to see all his pieces once inside but I also got an awesome new york experience outside. It was some of the best people watching – photographers, videographers, artists.

Tons of cameras, FLIPS, serious video cameras, phones out… Documenting everything.

I said to my friend recently there seems to be so many more creative people these days – maybe it is just that we have more ways to document and show our creativity using our camera phones and flips etc and then using twitter and other forms of social media to spread our creations.

There was also forms of performance art, a whole group of motorcyclists and even some mooning (yes the crowd was mooned by some  dude- I always laugh when someone does that.. Some people were grossed out but it made for interesting photos of this dude mooning everyone along a wall filled with some of the coolest street art) and impromptu photo shoots happening. I guess you can look at it as a metaphor in a way like some of this street art is the coolest art you will ever see the fact that it is coined as illegal is just ass a nine but also if it was legal would that hurt the creative process?  Who knows… It definitely makes for an interesting debate.

I also got to see one of our clients Russell Simmons at the opening – he was chatting with Shepard as well as talking to visitors of the exhibit. He is an amazing inspiration.

I came away from that day with info on the overall concept behind the exhibit and May Day and people and their rights and empowerment and jobs and so many messages.

I always try to apply what I see or learn from art into my life and my ethics.

I have so many general thoughts about ethics and peoples’ thoughts toward them especially in reflection of jobs, work, money, greed etc.

I would love a world where everyone worked just as hard and we were all paid equally.  I hate when money creates barriers.  I also don’t like that some of the most creative masterminds are poor sometimes until they are discovered.  Everything is a process.

All I can do is keep to my word, work hard and be gracious.  I try.

I thank everyone always for kind words, wonderful introductions, interesting conversations and inspiration.

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