I am going to start with my most awesome U2 vintage tee collection. One of the coolest guys I know hunts these down for me and they have become one of my most favorite gifts ever. I always say my favorite gifts are little things like for instance this same person found me a garbage pail kids card that I never had that is very funny because it is “gnawed claude”. But seriously my favorite tokens are little thoughts here and there . I would say my ultimate favorite gift of all time is a book my mother wrote for me all about her life up to becoming a grandmother to my three nephews. In it she talks about her past boyfriends and how she met my father and how they had me… Oops – was totally a suprise “princess” (as they call me ha ) after 14 years! But that is one of my most cherished gifts. Its funny because I have a checklist of things I might grab if disaster ever happened – first my dog, corinthos and then a few items that I love a lot. This book I mention and my vintage tee collection would def be amongst them. Its not the actual tshirt its the idea of the hunt and that someone who is a good friend gifted me with them. I hope they know how much I appreciate the thought. I have several books I would take but also this little duck my father bought me from this jewelry shop he worked at for a little bit to make some extra cash. I love it. And I have my blanket from my grandma lena that I love. One day I will make a full list of all the treasures I have. It is so wonderful to surround yourself with things you love from people who mean a lot to you. It is a constant reminder that you are cared and thought about by your friends and family. Speaking of music I played the opening of Beba the other night. It is on Spring and Crosby and it is delicious. I swear if you are not happy with how yummy it is you can yell at me. I put a Spring playlist together and everyone helped me pick songs over twitter and Mike made a mix and stylecaster was so nice to post some of the songs I played… So then I left for Los Angeles and I went to check out the What Goes Around Comes Around store and while I was there… I saw this cool white t-shirt exhibition that designers from all over the world created a play on the white tee … Here are some pics …. In the same area I saw this hat … At urban outfitters concept store they have rad rad rad. And these amazing dresses I adore at Urban Outfitters… And these funny books. Here is the artist photographer in me. Ha ha. So when you use the restroom near urban outfitters + wgaca you get a token in order to get in and keep the loo clean. Cute token. Ha The backside… Ha My fav store All Saints had the most amazing items… Love these want them!!! Want this dress from All Saints. I think Kitson is ok because they support young designers that I dig but I don’t get this jumper print… Sorry… How do you feel about this jumper I found at Kitson? That nite I saw my girl Grace + Lisa!!!! King Jacob from Rudys just dyed her hair and braided it. Awesome. We had dinner at the most awesome and yummiest mexican place MALO in LA. You have to go and try it !!!! So awesome !!!! And Grace’s rad rings and nails !!!! Ahh. Next day we walk up and Amanda and I drove to Coachella listening to indie rock to Bon Jovi to songs from Dirty Dancing… Saw this dude on a mountain en route… We arrive at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs to be greeted by this dude… The pool where all the meeting + greeting at the ACE goes down… Gridlock to get to the actual field for Coachella …. Ahh Landed. Yep yep LCD Soundsystem was there! Some of the bands we saw ! Hot weather but beautiful skies I saw so many headdresses!!! I loved them and lots of cute fashion + just LOVE was in the air… Lots of cute couples dancing around to tunes!!!

Art at coachella…

Me at Coachella …. Rockin my Dsquared dress with desert theme people digged it + my raybans Love shadow pics who is w me? Mini superman backpacks! Pretty sun – brella Bow tattoo More fashion at coachella… Spotted 2 dudes wearing the built by wendy elephant tee Toms shoes were everywhere!!! Yay blake !! Nap time at Coachella Awesome tattoos. This girl won the style award at Coachella… So cool Cute backpack Close up of raddest headgear at Coachella. Best hat adorable dude in an adorable ALF hat Lots of african bracelets Ahhh I love you California. Found these at the ACE love them More shoe love at ACE Fun activities at the ACE My new necklace from Coachella weekend A caravan My shirt at a LEVIs activity area my friend RJ coordinated… Pre necklace Amanda picked my charms… What sign are you?

I love my new rings… Thanks JA !

MBC …. Me be chillin’

Yes you are….

And we are ..

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