hopefully coming to the prom with me ?

I remember my prom days in high school… I was lucky because I had an older boyfriend so I got to go to my junior prom then his senior prom and then the following year I got to my senior prom and another boy’s senior prom… so 4 proms… 4 funny dresses and big hair and nails that were much too long…

Prom was so much fun – I don’t remember all my prom songs but I do remember Peter Gabriel’s  ”In Your Eyes” – I think that was my junior prom song … I don’t really remember

But I do remember going into the city and hitting up places like the Palladium, a comedy club and Emerald City and then the next day going to an amusement park like Great Adventure or going to the Jersey Shore….

My parents gave us a little pre-party at my house with my friends – my mom wrote the poem for the invite… she loved rhyming words on invites & cards… ha ha

And then my friend Dina’s family hosted the senior prom’s pre – party because we took a bus to that prom with like 25 couples or something pretty funny ….

And then this cute kid from the swim team took me to his prom…

Those were some fun days.. these days I am all about having fun too and looking forward to going to the fashionindie and PROM – and I am even djing some “PROM SONG” suggestions… I think I am sandwiched for ½ hour between Josh Madden and DJ Manero – two very cool dudes… very excited about that… they can definitely teach me some things about djing although my buddy, Mike is an amazing dj teacher and we have a blast.. he will be helping me again that night – I get nervous I need help.

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