I got to see one of the coolest dudes I know give back and not only raise money, build awareness but sing his heart out along with a few of my other favorite guys.

I have a guilty pleasure I love my soap opera time.  I love General Hostipal.  It is interesting to me because I sometimes hear about someone else’s love for the show like – “me too – I grew up watching it!”.

My mother showed me how great this show was when I was very young – I feel like I grew up with one of the characters, Robin on the show or even Jason.   I stopped watching for a bit and then picked it back up when I returned  from college. I would tape it every day while at work on my VHS tape and watch it every night.  I love the history of the show, the characters, the drama and the fact that it is something I share a liking for with my mother. It is our form of “gossip”.  My father jokes when we talk about the characters he laughs like ha ha it is like you know these people – like they are real life people with real life marriages and drama and such. Over the years I have developed crushes on different characters – I still though have a huge crush on Maurice Benard who plays the bad gangster, Sonny Corinthos.  So much I named my little dog, Corinthos. ha ha.  I think the fashion community and others got to really buzz about GH when James Franco had a starring role.  He was amazing. But it took James Franco for some of my friends to say hey what’s happening on GH.  Yes girls James Franco is amazoid but so are a lot of other guys on the show. You have to see it and you will see what I mean. I know once I get someone to sit down and watch this show they are HOOKED.  The crazy thing is that they have so many loyal fans. Also GH has really adapted some younger actors into the show to adopt a younger audience too – very smart.

Ok so back to the event……..

It was at the Town Hall Theater and was the ABC Daytime + Soapnet salute Broadway Cares – an evening of musical entertainment and comedy.  I only watch General Hostipal so the focus is on them but I love my girl, Bree Williamson, who stars on One Life to Live. She has walked in fashion shows for me and is just super duper cool!!!  She has been to a bunch of my events and is so nice. She also sings amazing which I was so happy to see.  And another awesome girl I met before – Sherri Shepherd – performed one of my favorite songs of all time.

Ok so we had Brandon Barash, Anthony Geary and Nathan Parsons sing ” Dirty Rotten “.

I mentioned Sherri Shepard and her performance of “Proud Mary” and I loved her dress

Then my buddy, Brandon, performed

“What am I Doing?”. He is so talented!!!

Oh and Nathan Parsons made me cry when he sang “Your Eyes” from Rent.

And the very intelligent and funny, Bradford Anderson sang “That’s All”

an adorable song about the girl he is looking to find…

And I was in awe of Jonathan Jackson when he sang “Music of the Night” from Phanton of the Opera. Wow!

Oh and Anthony Geary wore quite the outfit for his performance for “The American Dream”.

Here is  Bree Williamson and someone else that rocks BethAnn Bonner singing “For Good” from Wicked. I love this song about Friends.

I really loved this performance and the costume and everything

“He Vas My Boyfriend” from Young Frankenstein starring Bobbie Eakes.


I love coming home and sitting on my couch and watching General Hostipal.  No matter how crazy my day is the characters on the show have so much more drama – ups and downs.   I laugh and it is calming.

I have been very lucky to meet some of the cast members when I worked on the Daytime Emmys backstage lounge and some other events. Everyone is so nice.   And this group raised over 1.5 million dollars for charity. So they give back too.

As I mentioned when I did daytime emmys backstage lounge for Caravan some of the stars of the show picked up some fun items from different designers.  Here are some photos from that:

Kirsten Storms

Sherri Shepherd

Susan Lucci

Tyler Christopher

Finola Hughes

Jason Cook

Cornelius Smith Jr

Brandon Buddy

Daniel Goddard

Heather Tom

My mom with Laura Wright

And so many others.

So thanks to General Hostipal and all the stars of the show that are talented and so kind to give back!

I leave you with one of my favorite girls, my best friend’s, Kathryn’s daughter Karis hula hooping for almost 2 min straight.

Twitter me at claudinedesola.

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