I knew when I started to DJ…

 I wasn’t going to be an awesome dj… I am learning from a great teacher, Mike Pierce, but I have so much to learn…

 So when I decided to give this a whirl I did not want to just play songs I wanted a twist so I came up with INSPIRATION PLAYED which basically is when I play mixes from different people’s inspiration.  Originally it was for fashion week so it was fashion designers and songs they listened to when creating their collection. Now it is songs that some of the lucky ones going to the award show will listen to when getting ready or en route to the award show on Sunday. 

I don’t know any of these four people personally but I do know their films and if you haven’t seen them you need to see them before Sunday. Roku them, try to get them on dvd, try to find them at a theater… I just finally saw “An Education” at Quad Theaters… but you should see all the nominated films.

I love watching films and escaping and seeing how a scene was shot and what the wardrobe stylist had the actors wear, the music, the casting – everything!

I screwed up on this project a bit because in the middle of it I was called into jury duty for two (2) days ! It stunk and it put this project on hold a bit and so many people that were supposed to get me songs I didn’t follow – up with as well as I should so next time I need to start sooner… but I am grateful for these awesome four people and sharing their songs…. I did get Maury Yeston who is an amazing American composer, lyricist, educator and musicologist to participate and that was truly cool since Maury definitely knows a lot about music so it is super to have him involved in this mix. Everyone can learn from others about music, films, books, art… and I love sharing… Share something with someone today or at least if you live in NYC go to the Armory show with someone you love over the weekend – it looks pretty awesome …

Here are some of the answers:

“East St. Louis Toodle-oo” by Duke Ellington and the Washingtonians, recorded in the early 1930’s – Maury Yeston – NINE

“Tonight Is going to be a Good Night” by Black Eyed Peas  – Amy Landecker – A Serious Man

“Okra” by Olu Dara – Robert Kenny – Food Inc

“Peg” by Steely Dan – Fred Melamed – A Serious Man

Here is the mix

KICKIN’ IT AT THE MOVIES (VOL. 1)  <- Click here to download

The trailers to these awesome films :

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