He would draw snoopy and peanuts and the gang and help me with all my school projects.  He is still an amazing artist.

I always say if I ever got another tattoo it would something he created or I would get my parent’s name tattooed on my wrist with his signature because that too is cool looking – he writes so gracefully.

I asked him once to make me something since unfortunately a lot of his drawings as a kid I think are missing in action… I need to find them…. So I bought him a small canvas and told him to start painting…

This is one of his pieces but I plan to hopefully have him do more…..

It is funny because I think I am creative with making dresses, putting fabrics together, floral arrangements, setting a dinner table pretty, collages ( I love collages) but I am not very good at drawing …

One of my works when I was young is this doggie I painted by numbers for my grandfather, which hung on the wall of his living room forever…. So awesome…

Then most recently I tried to create something like a POLLACK ha – via snowballs against my garden fence

Oh and I tried to do some interesting photography sometimes this was a bag in the dirty snow but I thought it looked cool

Recently my friend from college, David, really cool guy we went to a college dance together we had a lot of fun… good buddy … and lots of laughs…. He recently took one of my photos and sketched it for me … now you see a true artist.

My great grandfather was an artist with furniture – he created this beautiful chair which I am so lucky to have in my dining room – I love it

So …  ELEPHANT art – yes pieces of art made my elephants… the book that has a lot of information on this is WHEN ELEPHANTS PAINT by Komar & Melamid –

I also have purchased some original De La Vega – he is an amazing street artist- you might have seen some of his work on the Upper East Side etc… I went to his studio and he created three originals for me.

I love street art and pop art – my favorite artist of all time is Keith Haring.

I had a tattoo of Keith Haring on my stomach but after having it for 14 years it didn’t look good anymore so I had to get it replaced… my friend joked that it started to look like two boogers holding up a heart .. so on that note I changed it … I like elephants because I visited this elephant sanctuary in Africa and they have always been my favorite creature.. I think my grandmother might have liked them too because I have this cool elephant planter that my mom gave me that she had when she passed away.

So I went to the tattoo shop with my buddy and his friend who is an amazing artist… GRANT COBB basically created this elephant on the spot…

Oh me at the Keith Haring Deitch exhibit that was magnificient…

I really love my new tattoo I think it is cute but really well done.  I would get more tattoos but I would do it like Anna Molinari, the fashion designer did where each tattoo was from a significant part of her life

talking about elephants I found this in the Union Square market I love them – called a moonlight kiss – I found this back I think in 2000 or maybe 2001. I love it

A few other art pieces I have that I treasure…

My Charles Lutz deck – with a photo that was found of Andy Warhol in school as a class picture and then printed on this skateboard deck… check out  more of his work at

Then talking about skateboards I recently got these great wheels… tom sachs skateboard wheels from the  Gagosian…

I have a lot of other really cool items that I will share another time because this is getting long but one of my favorite places of art of all times was my Upper East Side store that Samuelle Green decorate and Ryder Robinson created some original painting right on the walls of the store… it was really beautiful in my eyes… Samuelle also created some beautiful garden motifs – such as the Morrocan garden and the Halloween pumpkin patch garden… they were always really fun and decorative.

Samuelle’s website is not up & running right now but you can check some of Ryder’s incredible work at –

I wish I was able to take the artwork from the walls of that store – they were beautiful. That store is now a pet adoption center so dogs and cats are enjoying Ryder’s awesome work and possible pet owners are getting smiles on their faces from his awesome drawings and Samuelle’s awesome chandelier etc…

Here are some photos…

Lastly my office and two pieces in particular that I love … one is a horse painting I found when I was in Australia…. I found two – my dad loves horses so I gave him one and I kept one so every time I look at it I think of my dad and he says he thinks of me when he looks at his in my parents’ living room. The other is a gift from my friend Brandon Barash, who is also a star on my favorite tv show EVER, GENERAL HOSTIPAL … it is a piece from his photography collection that he took in Prague.  He creates these pieces and all the monies raised goes to The Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is really awesome for getting involved in a cause that affects a lot of people and this gives his fans and friends and opportunity to give back and also to see his creative side.  I was also in this part of Prague – and took the same photo but mine did not turn out anywhere near how lovely his did… this is very special to me… and both pieces sit on my window at work.

There is always more I can share but those are some of my thoughts on art in my life … I am sure I will come back to this topic again soon.

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