Another photographer that recently took some photos of me is this another amazing photographer, Jason Setiawan. Check his work out –

This was quite the honor as well and I felt very special getting my photo taken by him. I think it was an interesting point in my life and I am glad to have some photos captured by this awesome dude! Thank you Jason.

Lastly, Bronques from cracks me up … I love that guy … and so does everyone that get their photos taken by him. I always call him our Andy Warhol.  He is a genius. He is always dressed super cool and I feel my party is complete when he is there.  I have been so lucky to have him take a photo of me here and there. And I feel like I experienced this decade’s nightlife in a way because I got to know him if that makes any sense.  To me he captures people’s energy and emotion and I am so happy and honored to be a part of that sometimes… everyone should check out his website it is just a must know.

I also want to do a shout out to my girl SOPHIE !!! who is awesome and photographed all our fashion week events you rule…. Thanks so much.

Then what are you doing on FRIDAY — hope you are coming to see UNISEX SALON ….

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