Our week started on Friday of fashion week with GILDED AGE.  We had the show at the Angel Orensanz – I love working in that space.  It is a beautiful space and worked so well for the collection.

I am going to make this post as brief as possible so I hope you can realize how cool and powerful this show was from these photos.

Then on Saturday we organized the Style 360 opening party with ELLE and as a farewell party to Ugly Betty.  I will get back to this in another post.

That Monday, we organized Yeohlee Teng’s fashion show at her studio.  It was a beautiful collection and the show had the most interesting music – the musician used a saw as the instrument.  It was rather cool. As usual, YEOHLEE’s show was amazing.

Then Tuesday, STYLE 360 started at a new space – STAGE 37 – we organized the Kim Kardashian / bebe show and Pete Wentz’s show for Clandestine.

Another interesting element was the way Pete Wentz came out at the end of the show which was this….

That night there was a party at the Andaz downtown at 75 Wall Street and it was a lot of fun…. It was a party to celebrate the Clandestine collection.  I got to network a bit and then had fun with my buddies, Vince, Peter James Lee, Suchin, Mike, and Vince’s friends from home… so much fun… we decided to eat a lot of food which Andaz had amazing lobster and oysters galore and really delicious wines and beautiful yummy apple pie.  It was glorious.  After we ate we decided to apply Chanel tattoos to one another… they looked great and it was like we had our very own little club… ha ha.

The next day we had the EMU AUSTRALIA show which was really beautiful .. the girls looked great and the clothing looked super comfortable and just really smart on this very clean white runway – it was minimal but really allowed people to see how great the quality of the wool clothing is and all the fine details and how awesome the footwear collection is.

I love EMU AUSTRALIA especially my pair of Kings Cross.  I always get tons of compliments when I wear them – they look great with little denim skirts and skinny jeans.

And then that night I went to Matt Levine’s birthday party and I djed for a hour … I was the opener dj before the real djs like Mel Debarge, Mia Moretti and Dj Cassidy… ha ha I can say I opened for Dj Cassidy!! Of course Mike helped me with the looping and mixing… need to learn how to do all of that stuff a lot better.  Matt had an awesome bday party and I had a lot of fun – I did the limbo ! ha ha!

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