since I posted a full entry so this will be a bit all over the place.  First, I want to start with Julian Casablancas … I got to check out his show right before Sundance and he was great. He was wearing a simple look paired with a really awesome leather jacket and just looked extremely modern. The lights and the sound were perfect. It was a great night.

I am going to step away from happenings for a second and just say if you ever have a chance please check out styling at Crew Cuts – J Crew for kids… It makes me want to adopt a lil one. Like these little sneakers. So awesome.

Anyway so packing packing I did for Sundance. I am the biggest overpacker but I knew I needed my super rad what goes around comes around scarf that I love – its plaid and has studs on it. It is part of the customized vintage collection.

So I take the plane to Salt Lake City and the shuttle to Park City and its our first night out … Andrew, Karli and I decide to live it up and try a “MUSIC TAXI” where you pick songs off and ipod and there is a microphone and you’re off… Britney, Johnny Cash, and others never sounded better

That night we went to Robert Redford’s restaurant Zoom in Park City and it is really yummy.

The next day was set up for Emu Australia at Village at the Yard.  Here are some photos from the gifting venue.

From there we went to set up for The Humane Society of the United States.  This was the view from their venue where celebrities came to learn about the different campaigns we need help promoting and getting the word out.

That night we went to check out the new restaurant at St. Regis with a bunch of people. It was lovely. We took a finekler up to the top.  It is all lite up at night from the bottom of the hotel you look up and it looks like it disappears it is so dark.

The food was so yummy especially dessert and beautiful

So on Saturday night of the 1st Sundance weekend, CARAVAN hosted a party with THE ELDRIDE to celebrate their collaboration with Du Monde for our faux fur vest / jacket collection they were launching at Sundance.  Our goal was to show faux fur is so much better then real fur and to help with The Humane Society of the US mission to stop people from wearing fur and to understand there are alternatives such as beautiful faux fur!

I was so lucky to have the to pull a great host committee together.

The evening was co-hosted by actress Melissa McGraw of Skateland, actor Thomas Ian Nicholas of Please Give, and actress Heather Kafka of Lovers of Hate, actress Noureen Dewulf, The Taqwacores; actress Davie-Blue, Bass Ackwards, and one of my favorite bands of all times, Lifehouse.


Here are some photos of some of our hosts:

And then here are some photos from the rest of the night – my best friend Brett joined us for the party and I had such a good time dancing and having fun… there was a tent set up outside and it started to snow a bit inside.  Also another highlight was my friend, Reni Lane performed a few songs.  I thank everyone that was a part of the event.

Other highlights of Sundance included – going snowmobiling !!! I was so scared because I am a terrible driver.They drove together last time and I went with a guide – who I remember going super fast and gaining a lot of air. It was also very dark outside which made it even more exhilarating.So when we got on the snowmobiles I freaked out for a few minutes but my best friend Brett kept telling me I could do it so I went for it.  I went slow but toward the end I caught some speed and some air and it was so much fun.  A lot of the boys that were with us kept running themselves off the road and getting stuck and then having to get rescued – I joked and said maybe I went slow but at least I said on track the whole time.  Here are some photos from that experience.

After snowmobiling I went to check out my friend Jacob’s project, THE TWEET HOUSE and had the opportunity to meet one of the men behind TWITTER …. Dom Sagolla — he was so awesome and I took my pic with him! Thanks Jacob !!

That night we went to see Joan Jett who was amazing !!! I love her and I loved that she sang Crispin & Clover – one of my favorite songs ever.

was that the girls met Orlando Bloom…. And one of the girls asked if he would sign her arm … Legalos but instead he just signed his name – the whole thing made for the funniest stories ever….

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