Sundance since that is top of my mind.  I am throwing a party for Caravan, which currently acts as a studio for actors and musicians visiting nyc it gives them the opportunity to pick out clothing for events, tv appearances, press appts etc they might have while in the city. We work with a group of designers such as Walter, Twinkle, Moods of Norway, Babakul, bobi, Rebecca Taylor, e.vil and so many more.  Thank you to all our awesome designers!   So we are having a party with my good friend, Matt Levine with The Eldridge.  I also didn’t want to just have a party for Caravan without a message so I worked with Dumonde and we came up with some awesome faux fur vests and jackets that we will be launching a video for at Sundance.  Why Faux Fur?  I work with the Humane Society of the United States and I have learned so much about the cruelty of fur.  I also saw that a good quality faux fur looks even better sometimes then a real fur. We came up with faux mongolian vests and little cropped jackets and one that looks like a pimped out vintage beaver coat.  I love them.

So the video…. We are having this party so I wanted to be able to show these faux fur pieces in a “fresh” way so we filmed a video on Friday at The Eldridge. My friends over at filmed it and I am sure it is going to turn out awesome but if nothing else it was so much fun!!!!

I want to thank Belvedere for sponsoring the event on Friday as well as Facebook. Facebook will be there documenting the event for a special page about the Sundance party and what everyone wore …. And of course the djs !! Matt Levine, my good friend, who owns The Eldridge put an amazing list of djs together for the night.  I am so excited.

So we filmed a video that we are going to show at the party….

And here is a lil flip video of behind the scenes

And I was so lucky to collaborate with amazing people like my hairstylist Chris and this awesome makeup artist Nina.  They are so wonderful. If you are ever looking to get a hair cut or makeup done please get in touch with me and I will connect you with these masterminds.

I was able to work with Lulu Frost who let us borrow the most amazing jewelry for the shoot – it was incredible and made the video.  I love Lulu Frost – check her out at Blue Tree ( my favorite store EVER on the Upper East Side owned by Phoebe Cates)

And I was so happy to work with NP2 ( on a special nail polish that a bunch of the models wore at the shoot – it is a special very very very BLACK mod matte with a bit of shine color for CARAVAN

Here are some photos and  fun candid shots from the video shoot 

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