a lot of the blogs I love are very personalized – some of my favorite blogs are the ones that show people just in their daily outfits… I love seeing how people put things together. I don’t want to get too personal all the time I want this to be more about places to go and check out and things to see but over the holidays I realized that my family has been checking out my blog and figured they would get a kick out of seeing a little retrospective of my life.  I already posted some pics of my parents and then I posted baby pics of me …I am using all of these next few blogs as a Get To Know Me like a bio – where I came from, my trips, my likes etc… or for my family and friends it is just a reminder of where I have been and done … and from there I promise to just talk about fashion, art and cool places to check out…  I am going to skip some years and start with High School. I grew up in Brooklyn and then moved to Staten Island which I had the opportunity to go to the most amazing high school, St. Joseph Hill Academy. I was taught I would say 40% by nuns and the rest by amazing teachers – we had to go to chapel and we had typing classes and we even were taught the 10 dating rules – which I will dig up one day. I have total respect for my alma mater.  I have a lot of funny memories one which was that certain Madonna songs were banned from the jukebox.  Our principal did not allow any Madonna to be played at one point. It was cool we were all so in love with the New Kids on the Block at that time that is all we wanted to listen too.

So here we go ….

Some pics from High School years… you will see a cheerleading pic, some prom pics, a pageant pic ( I was a damn good tap dancer – always won the talent section not very good at the Q&A part – always got nervous – ha but could tap dance my bottom off), my first trip to Los Angeles and my first abroad trip to Italy ( which on the way we had a bomb scare and had to land in Canada – it was really scary – there were supposed to be like 40 students going and I think 14 in the end decided to continue to Italy … that is a whole other story but when I got to Italy I definitely made some Italian friends… ha ha and of course some graduation pictures.

From there I went to Marist College upstate in Poughkeepsie, New York

My hair was definitely highlighted in college but I am psyched it looked like I kept a good tan… Coco Chanel always loved to be tan

I also went through a bunch of phases in college – grunge where I would wear flannels all the time and listen to Pearl Jam, to I wanted to dress up for class, to short hair to long hair to even red hair… there is a funny story with that one… My favorite outfit was this long skirt with this crazy cool pattern, this sweater and these brown vans… there was also one point I would wear white tights with black all the time… black dress white tights and black shoes… I am not sure what that was about but that was like a semester of white tights… oh I was also a hippie at one point with bell bottom jeans and crazy vintage button down tops I found at the salvation army and crazy big glasses and belts… and I loved these brown army type boots I found I still have them I wore them to everything.. I went to Woodstock in them and loved them so much and was so sad when they got mud all over them but my dad restored them for me of course! The funny pic in here I dig is me in this blue sequin dress with matching dyed shoes… not really loving that anymore and these crazy crystal earrings… ha ha !

Anyway I have so many great friends I still have from high school and college that I get to hang with and have fun with … I love my friends so much! I am a very lucky!

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