Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010!

A new year means new beginnings… new journeys and new triumphs and new possibilities…

The night before Christmas Eve I went to THE BRESLIN at THE ACE HOTEL it is awesome – you should try it – a great drink selection and an eclectic menu.
Then I went to check out the theater, FELA – it is really great about Afrobeat – produced by Jay-Z, Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith – I highly recommend it.
There are parts that are definitely sad but the music is awesome and the story of FELA is really interesting – such a great talent wasted on turmoil, prejudice, and inhumanity.  The scenery and costumes are beautiful and there is definitely a history lesson to be learned.

The next day was Christmas Eve at my parents… check out the mom in the kitchen and a bunch of her masterpieces

My mom tried a new tradition this year and got everyone to write something about each person at the table and then fill little holiday buckets up with these messages of good hope & love in the New Year.  My mother really knows how to plan a party – so sweet!

Another highlight of the evening was webcaming with my nephews and brother and sister in law from Ohio – it was a surprise for my parents and it worked

Santa gave me some great gifts such as a gift certificate to Blue Hill in NYC, a book about CoCo Chanel, and an Apple MacPro so some of my friends can teach me how to dj…. Oh and Lady Gaga tix – so excited!!

And then came the New Years Eve celebration got to party with my buddy Jo … we had a blast


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