What Comes Around Goes Around

it started off with our POP party at What Goes Around Comes Around. It was for their faux eyelash program – they have everything from beautiful natural extensions of your lashes to fun over the top feathers.  There are lashes that make you look as cool as Edie. Sara Strand of POP is one of the most adorable girls I know.  Here are some photos from the party….

Right before the party though I got stuck in the “vintage library” at What Goes Around Comes Around with Hillary and Amanda. I got to try hats galore, sunglasses and hung out with Mischa Bartons’s little dogs.

What is What Goes Around Comes Around?
Founded by college friends Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser, What Goes Around Comes Around originated as a meticulously edited boutique in
SoHo, New York. The company has since opened a second retail store in LA, developed a vintage wholesale division and created an
appointment-only Vault to service the fashion industry. Vintage aficionados from across the globe, editors, stylists and the industry’s top design teams utilize WGACA for their vintage clothing and accessory needs. http://www.whatgoesaroundnyc.com

I do believe in the whole saying What Goes Around Comes Around or another word for it Karma Karma Karma.

Speaking of VINTAGE I picked up this magazine – it is really beautiful. I would definitely recommend picking it up at Rizzolli.

This week I was holiday shopping and found some great gift at Phoebe Cates store, Blue Tree and at ABC Carpet + Home. I always have to visit that store during the holidays. It is like angels decorated it.

I found this wooden heart that you can paint. It is a great gift for my friend and her husband that are artists. And they love art projects.

And I love this FEED bear.
I love Lauren and Ellen and everything they have done with FEED. For more info check out http://www.feedprojects.org.

Lastly, talking about giving back check out this awesome guy I know, Blake from Toms Shoes newest video and go out and buy some shoes.

Oh and I can’t forget my friend Brandon Barash who is working with the Muscular Dystrophy Association – he has a book of his photography work from around the world and photographs that give back to the organization.

Here is one of his photography works:

Such awesome people doing awesome things !!!

Now one more awesome thing I recommend is Tom Ford’s film. It is beautiful! I loved it so much.  Went to check that out and then had a nice dinner at Abe + Arthurs with Miss Hillary!

Its all about super duper positive people and positive energy

in 2010!

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