First stop was the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA which I recommend to anyone who would listen it was so incredible. There were so many interesting paintings, sculptures, notes etc to look at… make sure you have a good amount of time to spend on really looking at everything.

A TIP – if you go on the weekend and you are not a member you need to pre – organize a timed appointment because it gets too crowded on the weekend so it is like the fast pass at Disney where your rides are timed.

My favorite is this melancholy death of oyster boy and other stories, the clown series and of course the famous Green Man is there.

That night I ate at Joseph Leonard which I highly recommend. It is so yummy and so well decorated.


I had the opportunity to go to a private dinner with Marcus Samuelsson who I have to say is such a nice gentleman and a wonderful chef.  He really was so kind to describe what he cooked that evening and answer everyone’s questions.  You can check him out at AQUAVIT.  He told us he was recently asked to cook at THE WHITE HOUSE.

I went to see an old favorite … PHISH… they were so good. They sold Madison Square Garden OUT and they covered some Beatles songs. During certain songs they do these cool glow stick tosses and this one group wrapped themselves in glow sticks that was super cute.

I planned a dinner for one of my favorite actors and friends, Brandon Barash who was promoting his photography book.  He traveled all over the world and took beautiful photos that were made into a book where all proceeds go to the Muscular  Dystrophy Association.  We held the press dinner at my buddy Matt Levine’s project, LEVANT EAST at the Hotel Rivington.  It is a really great space.

I flew to Los Angeles to work Jingle Ball that Saturday. I was able to check out some cool stores such as Confederacy ( such a cool store ) and ALL SAINTS ( my favorite store ever ). I found some awesome books and some great boots.

I found the house of my dreams right around the corner from Toast and I stopped to smell the roses.

That night I went to check out my friend, Neran’s party for his work at Diamond Supply Company on Fairfax in Los Angeles. This is a beautiful store with really cool t-shirts, skateboards, and the whole vibe is super cool.

That night I ate some yummy food at Wolfgang Puck’s, CUT – one of Brandon’s friends is the chef … check out these yummy tuna tartare tacos.

I worked all day and worked the red carpet for Jingle Ball so awesome….

I got to meet Leighton Meester who I adore and got to chat with her about her awesome dress by http://www.cushnieetochs.com and got to meet Jason Derulo, Ya Boy, LMFAO and ran into Katie Cassidy ( who I used to work with for the Rock & Republic shows as a model — she is such as a success… I told her how psyched I was for her + also freaked out over her most awesome vintage dress she was rockin’).

I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of other super cool people and it was a great opportunity to work hard but also meet some awesome people.

Check out some of the pictures….

Lastly –  Blender at 10pm for UNISEX SALON. It is going to be a lot of fun!

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