I love Australia + New Zealand!

These are beautiful countries. I was so lucky to be sent to Australia to visit with my client, Emu. Emu is an incredible sheepskin boot and footwear brand with an fantastic merino wool contemporary clothing collection.

I visited a lot of important sites to them and a received a tour of the WOOL MUSEUM.  This was very educational.

I saw these famous bollards by Jan Mitchell they are the baywalk bollards that tell a story of the people and events associated with Geelong throughout its history.

I was able to drive the famous great ocean road.  This the place to SURF. Dope waves !!! Amazing !!!! I loved it.

Along the way I saw a family of kangaroos. They posed for a pic!!

After a few days at the beach, I went back to Melbourne and fell in love with this city. I stayed at the Adelphi Hotel right in the city center. I saw cool video art right in the middle of street.

And awesome street art right on Hosier Lane. Incredible.

I ate at the coolest tapas place called MOVIDA on hosier lane.

I also checked out The Press Club in Melbourne that Andrew at THINK, who is from this fantastic city recommended – really great.

I spent a whole day shopping.

I recommend Smith Street, Brunswick and Gertrude streets.  There are so many vintage stores in alleys and behind bigger stores. It is like you have to search and you find treasures.  Some standouts.

Vasette flowers
Marais – Andrews favorite place
Retrostar Vintage Clothing
Mag nation – such a cool mag store. Bought Frankie magazine
Alice Euphemia
Little Salon
Mr Lincoln – where I found cardboard heart made from toilet paper rolls
Lost and Found Market
And so many more

I found these awesome necklaces in Melbourne.

Then I went to New Zealand to Queenstown. I did two key things. I went to the Milford Sound + then on a Lord of the Rings tour.  I also ate at these incredible places – The Bunker and Amisfield Wine Company. The Bunker was one of my favorite places ever- so yummy and the best music.  All goodies like George Harrison, Van Morrison….. I was so in love with that place.

The lord of the rings tour was super interesting BUT I realized I should have studied the movies before I went so I understood more…. These tour guides are serious and know tons about these epic movies.  So good. Go Viggo!!!!

Next was Christschurch that some incredible galleries and wineries which I visited both.

That night I went to the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Christschurch and saw a Maori experience and I got to dance with one of their instruments and while at the reserve I saw kiwis and other beautiful birds.

I have to admit I saw New Moon all by myself but had to see it the opening week right in a very cute little theater in Christschurch. Team Jacob!!!!

Next up was going back to Sydney to visit some cool dudes from Zanerobe.  And I walked around all day.  My favorite area is Paddington where I found this great store with cute hats, beautiful dresses and little hats….
Sami and Sita…. Also love the galleries, Incu + Corner Shop and all the little stores up and down the streets of Paddington.

I wish there was a W Hotel but since there wasn’t I stayed at a very cool hotel run by cool people who said they wanted to give me the nicest room – I had a duplex penthouse. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I was so lucky!!!! This hotel – The Establishment is amazing!!!

That night I ate at the coolest noodle shop

And got to see some of my Kappa Kappa Gammas I went to Marist with that were randomly in Sydney seperately so crazy. They saw I was in Australia on facebook and we had the opportunity to meet up. So we went to dinner and the Sydney observatory. It was so cool.

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