I went to Los Angeles because I participated in the Susan G Komen Pink Dress show… I was so lucky to have a dress in the show that I designed that one of my favorite actresses, Carolyn Hennesey wore to OPEN the show! She was amazing. She stars on General Hostipal and is also a lead on Cougar Town.

There are some great backstage photos, runway photos and after the show photos.

The other cool part was that the show was in the car museum in Los Angeles so I checked out some of the most amazing cars.

The yellow CARAVAN from LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE – how awesome !

The night before the show I had the opportunity to visit with all my girls from the THINK PR LA office and my friends Neran, Peter James Lee and Paul. We went to Citizen Smith then over to Playhouse and to check out the brand new Sweet Love Hangover spot attached to Playhouse.  Then some of us went over to Voyeur.  It was an awesome night.  Check out some photos from inside Sweet Love Hangover  – the wallpaper, cute pieces of artwork, and my buddies.

While I was there my friend, Valerie, an amazing stylist did my hair & makeup for the fashion show.

I got back in NYC just in time for Halloween.  I had a 1920s party to go too… so my friend Chris did my hair with a headband and flapper style …

I checked out the party at Slate where I got to see Samantha Ronson have an awesome set !! She is a great dj! And I love that she is a Guns & Roses fan too! Such an awesome talented person…. And then I went to see too other awesome talented people my friend Reni Lane & Vince at another party at Rouge Tomate where she performed.   All the parties we planned for were really great – here are some pics of the ones I went to and the ones I  missed with the awesome ladies – Katrina Bowden and Kelly … check them out – KATRINA made her own dress ( so cute !!!) she was A LITTLE WHITE LIE !!! so smart!!

Oh I also made a new friend Micah Jesse – he is so awesome !!!

Then on Sunday I woke up early to see the marathon – I saw everything I wanted to see – I saw Jason and my friend GENEVA and I saw a superhero, butterflies, a dad & son running, a bear, my favorite ZICO coconut water, mullet dudes and more….

Click here to see Marathon photos

So awesome even the neighborhood dogs were out to see the marathon

I am not sure what came over me but that night I decided to cut my hair over 8 inches like 9 inches ….. into a BOB… inspired by Edie, Coco, Agyness…. I don’t know …

Here is all my hair gone

And this is my new look

My mom was there for moral support and then we went to see my friend VINCE from ARMY OF ME perform – who is amazing and makes me cry !! His songs are beautiful… check him out and please purchase his new EP – you will love it.  LOVE SONG is one of my favorite songs ever.

I did a lot of other stuff but running out of time unfortunately to report… also got to meet  a very cool dude – check this out MAESTRO KNOWS… you will love it.

Today I got an awesome gift from one of my buddies … something I have been dying for an awesome pinkie ring… it is vintage and perfect

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