and I am planning so many Halloween parties and putting djs and talent together for them – it is a very busy time and I have a big conference in Australia for Emu coming up so I am planning away for that. We also have Lucy’s Cantina opening this week – I am so excited on 34th & 8th Avenue. Also, I created a new dress for the Susan G Komen foundation for their pink dress show in Los Angeles, that is going to be worn on Friday, October 30th by Carolyn Hennesy, who is on Cougar Town and one of my other favorite shows, General Hostipal. I am so excited. So I am creating this really cool new dress made from pink sequins.  Check it out –


( I will send you the end result once I get it).

Some of the party invites for Halloween – hope you can join us! I will be at the one with my friends, Katrina Bowden & Josh Madden at Guastavinos.  They are all going to be super fun.

Last weekend was very exciting because I went to an event for my friend, Gilda who was honored for her work with autistic children.  It is amazing how 1 and 9 children now are diagnosed with a form of autism. These children definitely need our help.  She was being honored by the Sicilian organization who gave a donation and honored her for her work with autistic children and the Grace Foundation.

I was so proud of her.


Then I have to take a personal moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER MICHAEL. We had this amazing Italian dinner at Chef Andre’s in Brooklyn.

It was definitely a weekend filled with Italian fun and lots of yummy food and I got to hang out with my awesome family.


On Tuesday, I participated in the rally that my mentor, Yeohlee Teng, put together to save the garment industry. It was held at 39th & 7th and had some of the coolest fashion designers come out such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Nanette Lepore and of course Yeohlee.  It made it on the cover of WWD yesterday and there is a website with tons of great information



On Wednesday night, I catched dinner at the new restaurant – DBGB Kitchen and Bar – it is so yummy.  I even tried the escargot because I felt daring.
They were actually pretty good. But everything was great especially the dessert.


From there I went to my favorite place, THE ELDRIDGE  to see one of my favorite bands, THE CATARACS. I got to meet them and they were super duper nice.


Check them out —

And I met the awesome lead singer of Caspar Bangs, Rob, who has a song called KATHRYN.  Kathryn is one of my best friends and she supports me through everything and I love her like a sister.

claudine & kathryn

Picture 1

Tonight, I am taking a hip hop dance class at Equinox – photos coming soon and going to see CITIZENS BAND tomorrow. I am also going to Gansevoort 69 tonight and then Abe & Arthurs.  Very excited.

Lastly, I love the team at THINK PR they are awesome and I get so stoaked when I see them succeed.  This week Laura got a full page in Redbook for her client,  Check her out showing it off.


And then my highlight of the week was Mike Pierce’s THINK PR party… we hooked him up with his favorite beer and a cake with spiders and a spider web on it. For entertainment, Marie showed us her yoga moves.




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