Caravangirl goes to DALLAS, TEXAS for the U2 concert

there was a lot of catching up to do as well as a plan to start on Halloween parties.  I am lucky to be organizing a lot of events this year including some that will include some of my friends so that will be super cool!

I did have the chance on Sunday to fly to Dallas, Texas and I stayed at the coolest hotel called the Hotel ZaZa.  Every room is decorated differently – there are all different rooms including “the Opium Den” which I stayed in and then there are Asian & African inspired rooms and even a Rockstar room.

My room had so many amazing rugs sewn together it was really well done

mike rugs

My friends stayed in this room that had all these great movie photos and had some costumes from cool films.


I was there to see U2 so on Monday I did the drill where I get in line early and wait so I can get really close to the stage.

I arrived around 1pm and was #841 in line.


The Cowboys Stadium is so iconic so it was super cool to be able to go to this massive arena.

mike cowboy stadium

Even their toilettes were cute and said COWBOYS on the side


And their police officers had segways

mike segway2

I went to the show with my friends, Michael & Chelse. Chelse being from Texas rocked some cool cowboy boots with butterflies on them.

mike boots

The concert was awesome – my new favorite song is MAGNIFICIENT it is incredible

They sang a lot of their old songs and here are some great shots from the show.

MUSE opened who I love …..

mike muse 2
mike bono edge

mike bono


That stage is so enormous and set up is dramatic – there are these guys who have to be pulled up by machines to get into place to control the lighting and staging.

I love this photo of them getting set up

mike cool photo

The show was great.

The best part is I found this guy, David, with this must have t-shirt from the ZOO TV show…. I had to have it so after asking me numerous questions and me giving him “GOOD” answers – he actually took the shirt off and gave it to me.

So I now have one of the coolest U2 tees. I have a vintage collection that my friend provided to me by scouting out U2 tees for me when he is in vintage/thrift stores so I can now add this one to the group.

bono 4

The next day I checked out the ZAZA spa which was incredibly relaxing and used my new nail polish that was given to me called NP2.

Check out this video to see the awesome color I used GRAVITY and how cool the bottle is – it is super ergonomic and the packaging is just really modern.

And then after I got a manicure and pedicure I ran to check out this cute shop called GYPSY WAGON that just had super cute items from puppets to artwork.



I am got back on Monday night late and I went for a hair blow out because when I travel my hair gets gross – I went to see my Sicilian buddy, Giovanni Sacchi, that has the cutest salon on Lexington between 90th & 91st.

He decorated his salon with cool antiques and plays groovy music and is a cool, funny guy.



So back in NYC and we are having press preview right now.

Here are two of my favorite looks from Hillary thus far… the cat suit and the cool leopard print pants.



Also other cool news is that Moods of Norway is in the new issue of ELLE and we are all so excited. I love those guys so much – they make me smile repeatedly and say the coolest things like Holy Moly! I wish they lived in NYC.  But they are making things happen in Norway and at their store in Los Angeles.

ELLE November2009

Hope you can follow me on twitter – I post silly, personal things sometimes but I do try to post some cool, inspiring things too … follow claudinegumbel

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