was the UNISEX SALON show at Santos Party House which is super duper cool space. They have a disco ball in the shape of a heart.


I also got to meet Ashley’s friend who had the most awesome tattoo


Then Thursday, I went to see U2 with Brian, Reni Lane and my friend Vince from Army of Me.  I was a little nervous to sing on the top of my lungs in front of three musicians but once Bono hit the stage I didn’t care…… it was so good and we had 3rd row standing from the stage.  Muse, one of my favorite new bands, opened for them.  And Bono wore Rock & Republic and some of the coolest leather jackets.  At one point he even had a jacket on that lit up with red lights – so awesome.

I am dying to know who made Adam Clayton’s pants with all the details – they were super cool. He had all these cool silver chains hanging from his pants. I really like that he wears clothes that have an “edge” ha ha to them.

Some tips:

If you have GA and you want to get up close.

Get there around noon to line up.
Go to the front of the line and find the person that is organizing the #s for everyone.
Usually you will get a number marked on your arm and then be asked to get in line


Bring mats, blankets, towels – something you don’t want to keep and sit down and wait.  Bring snacks and water, etc.  Don’t bring coolers or anything you want to keep unless you can run it to the car before you have to go inside.

Once the line starts to move it is fast. You will have some time to get things back to your car but you most likely will need to be quick. I think we were let in around 6:00-6:30. Opening band, MUSE for our show went on around 7:30. And then I think U2 went on close to 9:00pm.
They will line you up in 100s and then you will eventually enter the venue.
Once inside you want to go around the stage so you can find the inside circle the RED ZONE so that is the closest to the store
We were on Adam Clayton’s side and that was great because Bono is there a lot and also there is a bridge right there where Bono walks right above your head a few times.
Any questions email me – I am not an expert but I have done GA for U2 concerts a few times in the past and this time it worked in my favor too and would love to help get you up close to an awesome band.



Then on Friday, I went to see Coco Avant Chanel.

I loved it! I love Audrey Tatou and I loved this film.

It is obviously a biography so the story is the same similar to the Lifetime movie they did but Audrey is also amazing in it.

I also saw Bright Star which I adored, check this trailer out:

The acting is terrific and there was just beautiful scenes and of course amazing poetry.

Then next day I went shopping for vintage pieces and found a vintage Chanel skirt which I love – long with gold buttons on the side and a super cool Libertine polka dot jacket.

That night I went to see FAME,

Paul, Paul, Anna Maria, Walter – I loved you in it!

Anna Maria has this one scene she raps that cracked me up – everyone is so talented and it was very enjoyable.

While I was there I saw Carol ( ha ha ) from “Where the Wild Things Are” and took a photo.


On Sunday, went to the awesome MARKET TABLE and ate the grilled corn, bay fries, beet salad and tons more and a Rose wine mixed with limonata soda it was amazing


And then saw Vince from ARMY OF ME

Vince has an amazing voice and it touches you – you have to go and see him. Some dates are on his myspace.com – check it out.


Today I am pulling dresses for Montego Glover who is starring in Memphis.  I am so excited. I hope she likes them.

And then tomorrow I am doing a little party for some of my fav actors from FAME – so excited to get to plan something fun for them.

Then off to Belgium and Amsterdam on Friday. I am hoping I get to ride a bicycle like my friend Reni did

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