fashion night out - my birthdayIt started on September 10, 2009 with the Caravan party for FASHION NIGHT OUT also my birthday party.  It was so interesting that the night that CFDA & VOGUE created fell on my birthday.  I was planning to have a b-day party the whole time and then when I heard about this genius idea, I decided to participate in the activities.  I took over the old Caravan store, downtown, which is now a store that sells samples & consignment pieces named samples for (eco)mpassion.  I basically turned into the Caravan pop up studio for the night with the help of some of my favorite designers – Walter, Boy Meets Girl, e.vil, Odd Molly, Bobi and Tart.  All the mannequins wore super cute clothes from those designers.  One of my close friends and a genius, Samuelle Green, recreated a park theme throughout the whole space. She created photos of a park theme with Mike Pierce and created stools with green fabric and this whole tree theme.  Along the column in the middle of the store she decorated it with street signs. And outside I had my very own interpretation of a street sign that said Happy Birthday Claudine.

fashion night out claudine, roxy and kara
fashion night out claudine & walter
Because our goal was to build awareness for FASHION NIGHT OUT and to get people out there shopping again I enlisted the help of some of my favorite actors and musicians…. Including one of my favorite guys – Tyson Ritter of All American Rejects… he has tons of style and he is so awesome for coming by on such a busy night to support FASHION NIGHT OUT.  This is the 2nd Caravan party he was a part of – about 2 years ago he supported Caravan at PM for STYLE 360. The guy has great style and wears the most amazing jewelry and is just really super fun.

me and tyson

Along with him, we had one of my favorite bands with one of my favorite songs in house – COBRA STARSHIP.  My favorite song being “GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD” which was just featured on Gossip Girl.  Gabe even djed this event for a good 40 minutes… and was incredible… he mixed it up with our house dj, Micprobes who also had the opportunity to dj with Hollywood Holt that night, one of my favorite guys in the world.  Oh did I mention how much style was in one room – COBRA STARSHIP guys are so well dressed.  And Hollywood Holt & Mano just have the coolest style.. .you have to check out Mano’s jacket..

cobra starship guys

fashion night out claudine & mano

And some of my favorite girls – Tiffany Thornton, Roxy Olin, and Nadia Ali.

tiffany thornton

me and roxy olin

kate voegele and tyson ritter

One of my favorite comedians/ actors came down to say hey for FASHION NIGHT OUT and picked up a pair of Tom’s shoes – John Leguizamo – such an awesome guy.

john leguizamo

Special thanks to all my awesome friends….

Some of my other favorite moments was my time spent with Vince from Army of Me.


And I have to say one of my favorite gifts of the night was given to me by a cool guy named Josh Madden – he made this sweater for me with my initial on it… I could never say enough good things about my buddy Josh… he is an awesome dj + he is a stylist extraordinaire…

me and josh

Again I want to thank everyone that participated in FASHION NIGHT OUT. I hope people went shopping and were inspired to spend money on some great new Fall items.

I always spend for today – yes I try to save for tomorrow but I am very bad when you put me on a computer in front of or

Thank you again for all the co-hosts from FASHION NIGHT OUT. To learn more visit

Then came to Toronto on Friday – Saturday, a quick trip for the HSUS for the save the seal campaign where we brought Nigel Barker’s exhibition to Toronto.  We got some great people involved including Mena Suvari – one of the coolest dressed girls in Hollywood I think and Rachelle Lefevre

You can check out some fun pictures that our friend posted at under Toronto – they are super cool.

I flew back just in time for the opening party of Style 360 where CARAVAN was hosting the party along with some of my favorite girls – Kate Voegele, Erin Lucas, Reshma Shetty, Katrina Bowden, and Kali Hawk.  These girls are all so rad and amazing. They are all so beautiful and have amazing style. You have to check out what they were all wearing. I give them all compliments because they all have amazing style and are all so beautiful. I am so grateful that these girls support emerging designers and support Caravan and what we do.  I think these are the girls designers should constantly be dressing because they get fashion and they are all so positive and awesome.  I thank them for their time that night to come out for Caravan, ELLE, and STYLE 360.

party katrina

party reshma shetty, her sister and friend

I should have went home after the party but I didn’t I was a bad girl who went to the Spotted Pig…. With Amanda and Jen S ( who by the way were such bad influences on me all of fashion week – ha ha).

I got home late but managed to wake up by 7am and run to the office to finish the line up for my fashion show.  Yes I love ORAL B Pulsonic who let me host my very own fashion show for STYLE 360.  First of all this toothbrush is so cool, sleek and fashionable and I am honored they let me curate a show and even show some of my own designs.

I put this show together in 2 weeks so I think it came out good – hopefully next time they give me a month and hopefully I can do bigger things !!!

The show was at 2pm on that Sunday at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

I showed some of my favorite designers – Bobi by Kara Lusardi, Odd Molly, Rich & Skinny, Tart, e.vil, and maxey… the last looks of the show were by me!!!

I was so proud that I put six looks together in less then 2 weeks…my inspiration was just to be fun & bohemian & have a red carpet twist to it.

There were so many amazing moments during this show…

Maria Menunous one of my style icons modeled in the show – she modeled one of my sequin dresses and looked AMAZING… she is so nice. I always loved how she dressed so it was so awesome to be able to dress her and have her model during my fashion show. We didn’t even do a proper fitting, I just took her measurements and hoped she like the dress and she did – I was so very happy!

fashion show claudine & maria
Then my girl, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
( one of the main actors in FAME ) wore one of my blue feather dresses and looked so awesome. I love this girl – she has tons of talent, a smile that lights up a room and is just super stylish and fun !! In the audience, was one of my favorite guys – Walter Perez ( no relation but also starring in FAME). I was so happy to have these two there for the Caravan show.

Then my new favorite girl – Gia … whose mom is Teresa from The Real Housewives of NJ… she modeled in the show wearing one of my dresses and she is so beautiful and so awesome … and the sweetest girl in the world. I was so lucky to have her a part of the show.

gia !
Then some of my favorite models, Leticia and Brooke modeled the other two looks from the show – a little gem dress and the closing finale wedding feather dress.


feather dress finale
I need to thank ELLE jewelry for all the jewelry, Michael Antonio shoes and again Oral B Pulsonic for making this happen.

Lastly my father’s cousin, Pat for the treats for the models.

Now I am waiting for the video to be posted but I want you to listen to the music which was a Josh Madden special… it was pretty amazing. I call the show which means I send the girls out and I do all the timing along with the amazing, Susan Sidor…. Well I was jumping up and down and dancing to the music so much I almost forgot to send the girls out… the way he did the music made it feel like a club… there was so much energy.

I also need to thank all the designers that participated in the Caravan show and of course Brian Gumbel who helped me 100x over getting everything to the show and also videotaped it so I could check out the final product.  Also, Jerritt Clark – one of my favorite photographers… him & Bronques rock the world !!!

Lastly, I had some special guests in the audience that make me so very happy from Erin Lucas ( with the coolest dress in the world on ) to Spencer Grammer wearing a Prairie dress I picked out for her to James Kyson Lee from Heroes and Bobi designer, Kara’s good friend Chris Noth & Tara.   Also Shanae Grimes flew all the way from Los Angeles to check out the show – she was so cool she even took notes. Hopefully they were good. I loved her dress and shoes she was wearing – that girl has rockin’ style.

spencer at show

chris noth

show shanae

fashion show claudine & erin

So then what did I do … I went to check out my friend, Peter James Lee’s House of Cassette viewing of his surf film – you can check it out at I got to hang out with some amazing people at his event like Bronques, Sarah, Suchin and Rickey… it is always awesome hanging out with super creative people.

Suchin had the same Chanel jellies as me that I love but really didn’t wear enough this summer – I should have worn them more….

Then it was off to eat some food and head home to watch the VMAs with my girls… it was so much fun.

The next day was hectic with shows… from Rebecca Minkoff who is AWESOME to the closing show of the night – Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne.  I have to say Avril rocks, she has a great eye and her show was styled really great.  She is super nice and we were so happy to have her a part of STYLE 360. Her show was a total success then we headed to her afterparty and the night did not end… Jen & Amanda visiting NYC from LA wanted to head out and listened to EMPIRE STATE OF MIND like 50x so we went to Matt Levine’s Eldrige… that was awesome as usual.

The next day was WALTER ( one of my favorite designers – my birthday dress was WALTER ) and then I was so excited…. it was the SUSAN G KOMEN PINK DRESS SHOW where I designed a dress for it – and one of the coolest girls, Roxy Olin, wore it .. she looked great and was so nice to do that for me and for the organization.  I was so happy to be in that show along with top designers like Karen Zambos, Adam and Betsey Johnson. It was so cool.


There were a few other shows we did and then we had the WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND party that night.  It was a great closing party with over 400 guests.


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